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We are originally from Northern Ireland, and I bred pedigree Burmese cats there for several years, and had become a GCCF Judge of the breed, as well as of Tonkinese and subsequently of Asian Group (including Burmillas) before moving to live in France.


We have now lived in France for more than 25 years, and live in the Pyrenees Orientales, a little inland from the Mediterranean.  I continue to breed Burmese  Our females have only one family of kittens each year.  Our Burmese cats are tested  for the inheritable conditions of Hypokalaemia, Gangliosidosis, and Head defect;.  We have a French Ministry of Agriculture "Breeders Permit" and our cattery has routine veterinary inspections.  Our "Breeders Permit"  (Certificat de Capacite) number is 66-010




Nous sommes originaires d'Irlande du Nord, et avant de venir en France j'avais eleve des chats Burmeses pendant plusieurs annees, et j'etais deja Juge GCCF des races Burmese,Group Asian (Burmillas) et Tonkinois.


Nous nous sommes installes en France, dans les Pyrenees Orientales, depuis maintenant plus que 20 ans, et je continue d'elever les chats Burmeses,  Nos femelles ont droit de faire une seule portee chaqu'une par an. Nos chats Burmeses sont testes pour les conditions heriditaires du Defaut de la crane, Hypokalaemie  et Gangliosydosis.

Notre chatterie a un Certificat de Capacite donne par les Services Veterinaires de notre departement.  Numero du Certificat no 66-010

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