chocolate Burmese   

           (HK n/n; GM2 n/n; HD n/n)                       


     Kittykatz Bronzed Aussie x Alba Regia 

                       Eger Lee


  A big thank you to Judit and Pal for letting us        have this lovely and loving boy  

    2 x Best In Show Category III 4-7 mth kitten 

             at Montauban show (FIFe)

     2 x Best in Show Category III 4-7 mth kitten

             at Marsac sur l'Isle show (FIFe)

     1 x Best in show Category III 7-10 mth kitten

             at Toulouse show. (FIFe)








ChJingle Belle de Grainoge


   Nadikat's Bellamy x    Ch Ipanema de Grainoge

   4 x Best in Show         Category 3 kitten.

   HK N/N, GM2 N/N, HD N/N

Olympia de Grainoge

   4 x Best in Show

    Nadikats Enzo


    Ch Jingle Belle de             Grainoge

          International Champion

          IPANEMA de GRAINOGE 

               Blue Burmese

      (Sanlis La Paz x IC Bellabonny   

             Quality  Street)

      Now neutered chief knee-sitter









Supreme Ch Falling in Love de Grainoge

Brown silver shaded Burmilla


(Ch of Eur Edison af Misapotanien x Ch of Eur Calypso de Grainoge)


Best in Show Short-haired Adult Paris 2013

Best in Show exhibit Toulouse 2013


Our much-loved "Smugsie," now happily retired from the show-scene and from breeding, and enjoying sitting on our knees at home